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Putter Model / Putter Face Size

Why use a Facelift

            Increase Putting Accuracy
            Lower Your Score
            Eliminate Hops
            Stay On Line
            Avoid Rim Outs
            Reduce 3 Putts

From Delio Enterprises

Amigo Putters

A Golfer's Best Friend

With Forward Loft and Convex Face

Conforms to USGA Rules / Patent # 5,857,922

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Facelift Putter Attachments

Give your Putter a Facelift

$14.95  Free Shipping in the Continental US
* No International Orders

Facelift Talking Points

   With Facelift Putter Attachments you keep your own putter and
       its feel.
   With Facelift Putter Attachments you gain directional correction
       which compensates for the problem of not keeping your putter
       face square to the hole.
   With Facelift Putter Attachments you eliminate hops and reduce
       skids that throw the ball off line.
   With Facelift Putter Attachments you will improve your putting
       and lower your score.

Facelift  Putter Attachment Models

The four Facelift models fit most major brand putters including Odyssey, Ping, Callaway, Rife & TaylorMade.
The Facelift can be fitted to your putter by Putter Model or by Putter Face Size.
The FL#100, Fl#200 and FL#300 models can be used on right or left handed
See if there is a Facelift available for your putter.
Facelift Models


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